About Jola House

We are a social enterprise that empowers Liberian woman through skills development and entrepreneurship opportunities. Our commitment is to transform the lives of vulnerable Liberian women through skills development and entrepreneurship opportunities.

The Jola House Difference

Jola House started with a very simple belief: given the right tools and opportunities, Liberian women can and will determine the economic future of their families, and in turn, their country. Transformation begins with empowerment and empowerment begins when practical skills meet opportunity. This seems simple, but all too often, NGOs, government and businesses in Liberia forget this. This belief is the ethos of Jola House; it is embedded in all we do and makes all the difference.

Why focus on women and at-risk girls?

Jola House focuses on women and at-risk girls for two reasons: it’s our passion and it makes sense. Jola House was created and remains an initiative focused on women empowering women – it’s our passion – and gives us a unique empathy and legitimacy that fuels our social change model. Similarly important, investing in women has a significantly greater impact multiplier: girls and women spend 90% of their earned income on their families, while men spend only 30–40%; women invest more than men in the health and education of their children. We believe empowering and transforming women is the foundation to the development of our communities and country. Investing in women begins the ripple effect.

Social Impact Model


We train women in entrepreneurship and skill development
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We empower women with the opportunities and confidence they need to become self-sustainable
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We invest in social projects focused on health awareness ad wellbeing to build long-term success
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I came in contact with Jola house in February, 2013. Since then, I have achieved so much. I have learned to make beads, bags, and earrings. I can now contribute to my family and community. Jola House is helping women lift their heads up high and my success story has just begun.”
I enrolled in the Jola House training program in January 2012 as a seamstress. From the day I entered, Jola House has been a blessing in my life. Through the help of the Jola House family I have improved my production skills and can help sustain my family. Jola House is an organization that is passionate about helping young people improve their lives.

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