Social Impact


Education is the key to empowerment.


At Jola House we believe that education and skill development is the best opportunity for a sustainable social and economic change in Liberia

  • Our six month program at a glance
    • Commercial sewing to meet international standards
    • Design (textile design, pattern, color, etc.)
    • Artisan crafts( rugs, jewelry, etc.)
    • Business (budgeting, production planning, resource management)
    • Technology
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Non technical (health, wellness, and leadership)


Empower through skill development


Jola House focuses on the whole woman. Our holistic approach is needed to truly transform vulnerable Liberian women. Study shows that empowering women might be the highest return on investment in developing countries.

  • After completing the program our women are equipped and inspired to work for themselves or be part of the women cooperative at the Center that starts and grow their business.
  • Jola House provides these women direct access to the global market through its online store, local boutiques and hotels gift shops to help them build a sustainable business
  • Leadership and management opportunities to lead production team, learn other parts of the organization function and lead training for new participants.
  • Access to child care, health information and crisis assistance fund.


Transform through entrepreneurship


At Jola House we have the unique privilege to see an incredible privilege to see a positive change in the lives of these women during the course of the program and beyond.

  • Over 80% of the women graduating from the program now own their business or work in one in the women cooperative and earning a sustainable income.
  • Most of the women in our program support at least three family members that depend them. Thankfully they are now in the position support themselves and family members that depend on them, and also contributing to their communities.
  • Our women beautiful handmade products are beginning to show up in local gift shops, boutique, and online store.



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