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Black Philanthopy Month Panel

Presenting Jola House's second Visual Newsletter! This VN covers our recent panel event for Black Philanthropy Month. Jola house discussed ways to improve philanthropy in black communities among the African Diaspora. After the Panel Discussion Jola House held a pop up shop featuring items from our fall collection.

Black Philanthropy Month Preview

Elfreda Mayson, founder and CEO of nonprofit, Jola House Foundation will be attending the 2017 Moore Philanthropy panel. Moore Philanthropy, in association with Black Philanthropy Month (BPM), aims to discuss how black philanthropy drives community success within all areas of the African Diaspora. The panel will include, philanthropists from abroad and within the United States, and although from different walks of life, each philanthropist is bound by a sense of love and duty for their fellow communities. The panel will be held in Manhattan on Aug. 23 from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. More information can be found on: Editor’s Note: Registration is free to attend. Though if you cannot make the event, the Jola House Team will provide coverage. All coverage will be uploaded onto our respective website and social media accounts.
Q & A Session with Elfreda Mayson

Q: Why is this panel important? A: This panel will give me the opportunity to shed some light on the economic difficulties that women face in Liberia. Most importantly, this panel offers a platform to speak on solutions. That’s Jola House’s primary focus, we are a solutions based nonprofit. All of our projects stem from education, which leads to sustainable economic transformation.

Q: What do you plan to speak about? A: The social and economic disparity between men and women in Liberia. Women are unfortunately beneath men in the Liberian community and Jola House believes that the best way to remedy this division is through providing equitable economic opportunity. We need to invest time, money and love into our women’s education and economic development. Respectively, our social enterprise model embodies the latter.

Q: What topics do you hope will be covered? A: I want to hear discussion around social enterprise and the creation of viable solutions that break poverty cycles.

Q: Will you take what you’ve learned and implement it into the community? A: Of course. It’s important for people who do similar work (philanthropy) to exchange ideas. It helps to foster global communication.

Philly Pop Up Shop

Presenting Jola House's first Visual Newsletter! This VN covers our recent pop up shop in Philly. Jola house was proud to host a pop up shop at SOUTH restaurant in PHiladelphia. The event was a huge success and we thank everyone for the support!